LionsGate Technologies

This is samples of some of the work I did for LionsGate Technologies while I worked with Kris and Brake Consulting.

While I worked at Kris and Brake Consulting I worked on several projects for one of our clients, LionsGate Technologies(LGT). One of the main projects was helping LGT build medical apps for the iPhone and iPad. I was responsible for building much of the marketing materials and manuals for the apps, but also had a hand in redesigning new concepts for the apps. Below is a sample of some of the work I did while at Kris and Brake for LGT.
Kenek BP - Blood Pressure Test User flow
Kenek BP is a blood pressure app used with a blood pressure cuff that plugs into the headphone jack of the iPhone.
Kenek BP - Screen Samples
Kenek O2 - Sample Screens
This is a pulse oximeter app that uses a pulse oximeter device, developed by LGT, that plugs into the headphone jack of the iPhone. The device gathers pulse and blood/oxygen data from the users figure, and the app displays it on screen in a short about of time. When the user rotates the iPhone, they are shown a graph version of the data received through the pulse oximeter device. Kenek O2 is the FDA approved version of Kenek Edge.
Kenek O2 - Quick Start Guide
This is the in-app users guide that I built for LGT.
Kenek O2 Packaging Concept
This is a package concept I designed for the pulse oximeter device, which was well received by the client, but at the time was not a high priority to get implemented.
LGT Kenek Products Commercial
The following is a commercial I was asked to produce for LGT. I was responsible for gathering and mocking up all the imagery and creating a soundtrack before putting it all together in a video.
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